Established in 1963

Sever history began in the 1960s, when the company was born and quickly established itself as an office machine supplier. The growth path undertaken by Sever sees it transform and evolve during the 70s, when the offer ranges from machinery to office furniture and continues to expand. We grow. We innovate. We strive. The range of services becomes "turnkey" in the early 2000s. SEVER is a General Contractor. Our role allows you to refer to a single partner responsible for the entire project management, Customer Care, execution and after sales services. The goal is to offer a coordinated, complete, dynamic, fast, efficient and effective service. A competent, trained and constantly expanding staff makes SEVER capable of satisfying the most committing requests.


Reception Digitale

It's in the nature of industry leaders to show off a modern, winning and up-to-date image. All this also means cutting-edge work environments and a home automation system that already appears at reception and that allows our partners to always amaze their customers with the element of surprise (the so-called "wow effect").

New Automotive Showroom


Technology, luxury, image aesthetics. And of course, elegance and quality. The new Automotive concepts take over all the fundamental characteristics that define the Premium brands of this world.


Old military bakery becomes the library of the University of Verona. Sever's efforts contribute to the redevelopment of the building, built over 150 years ago by the Hapsburg imperial army and fully recovered to house the approximately 200,000 volumes that the university strongly desired at Santa Marta’s "Provianda"


In recent years the importance of providing the right interpretation of the design needs of both architectural interventions “from scratch” and the renovation of existing buildings has become increasingly evident. The interior design is now called upon to develop solutions with great compositional flexibility, able to fit into any specific context, even in the presence of architectural constraints. In this scenario, inside a historic building such as the Arena of Verona, the iPS - integrated Pod System project comes to life, a modular and self-supporting cell system, entirely conceived and patented by SEVER.

Progetti esecutivi totali 2021


Early life

- 1963 costituita come azienda privata che opera nel settore delle macchine per ufficio.
- 1974 diventa agente d’arredamento per ufficio del rinomato brand Castelli.
- 1996 si trasforma da ditta individuale a società, diventando SERENI.


Philosophy and strategy

La cura del dettaglio, il rispetto di elevati standard qualitativi e il controllo rigoroso delle tempistiche sono alla base dei principi che hanno permesso a SEVER di essere considerata uno degli interlocutori più qualificati, da Professionisti, Architetti e Clienti. L’approccio innovativo nel fare impresa, gli investimenti in tecnologia e sviluppo, soluzioni d’avanguardia, la determinazione nel perseguire gli obiettivi prefissati, in un mercato impegnativo come quello italiano, hanno consentito a SEVER di fare la differenza. L'evoluzione e l'espansione delle forniture contract hanno richiesto un cambiamento, da qui è nata l’esigenza di creare un nuovo format di presentazione multimediale ed interattivo, gestito da un sistema domotico intelligente. Nasce così Experience Center (ExC) un nuovo modo di presentare i progetti ai nostri Clienti in maniera intuitiva.

Corporate Identity Service

CIS is an international network of specialized service providers, including designing and implementing corporate identity concepts of premium international groups, as well as providing project management and logistics services throughout Europe.

ExC – New Multimedia Showroom

It is a new multimedia interactive room developed by SEVER, in order to offer new opportunities to communication and project understanding. In the Experience Center, high resolution screens and monitors, controlled by cameras with occupancy sensors, offer a new chance for communication and emotional involvement so that the user can run the presentation simply by moving his hands. A space set up as a meeting place, available for designers and clients to present and share their multimedia projects.

Volvo Studio Milano

A corner of Sweden, in the heart of Milan: where business, fashion and design meet, the first Volvo Studio is born. The Scandinavian sky and light, in Milan. Volvo Studio. Design, nature, technology to touch.


Stories of walks on the shoreline, evenings on the beach, sea breezes, saltiness, relaxation and light-heartedness, lived and told by a harmonious design that gives an intimate, welcoming atmosphere that feels like home, even when you are at the beach...

Work Spaces

Riscoprire la natura, i suoi colori, la sua autenticità, le emozioni che essa trasmette all’uomo. L’impegno di Sever è trasmettere l’immagine voluta dal cliente per la propria azienda con tutto lo stile, l’eleganza, ma anche tutta la personalità..


A comfortable, warm, welcoming environment, antithetical finishes that go perfectly together to create the right balance between the different shades and styles. Luxury and excellence of the hotel sector in the historic center of Verona, a step away from Porta Borsari.


Consistency, the keyword. Consistency of image, structure, materials and colors. Sever, as brand guardian of the automotive world, takes care of the design and implementation of Corporate Identity designed by Audi AG for its dealers, ensuring the brand absolute compliance with the standard required by the parent company.