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www.sever.it is an information website that offers its users a variety of services, solutions and products. This section summarizes the general terms and conditions of use Sever. For any situation not expressly governed by the rules of procedure, please refer to the laws currently in force.
Any interpretation of the content of the site, any claims or disputes (of whatever nature and not limited to contractual issues) shall be resolved competence and exclusive jurisdiction of Italian judges and will be made application of Italian law.
This section contains rules and legal obligations, therefore we recommend to read it with great care.

With the use of www.sever.it you agree, without any limitation or restriction , each counted norm in this section and any other rules or guidelines that could be applied sporadically.

Using www.sever.it is subject to acceptance of the Terms and Conditions of Use. The user understands and agrees that Sever could at any time block his access to the site and/or services offered by it, if the user violates one or more of the standards expressed in this section. In this case, the measure will be implemented at the discretion of Sever and without any prior warning. Also, Sever srl reserves the right to block access to users who maintain conduct that, at the sole discretion of Sever Srl, may be considered detrimental towards other users, partners, sponsors, affiliates and third parties in general, as well as users who may be responsible for or participate in conduct that violates any local law or regulation, state and/or foreign.
In order to use the services made available by www.sever.it, the user is required an Internet access only. Unless otherwise indicated, all sections, and all content on www.sever.it are intended addressed to all the surfers of the web, without any exclusion or discrimination regarding age, gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, sexual preference and any other protected status.

Some services and / or some of www.sever.it sections require the user to register and provide some personal information. Regarding this aspect, users who register guarantee that:

  • The information provided is true, complete and current;
  • In the event of any changes, users will undertake to update their personal data so that they always remain true and corresponding to reality. Providing false and / or incomplete, or if Sever srl has reasonable grounds to believe that the information provided is false and / or incomplete, Sever srl retains the right to block access to its pages.
If a user has authorized a minor to using www.sever.it, he acknowledges to be fully responsible for:
  • The online conduct of the child;
  • Access of the child to www.sever.it;
  • Of any use not appropriate by the child.
If the user log receives his access data, that means strictly personal and confidential. You are fully responsible for the confidentiality of this information and it is for this reason totally responsible for any activity carried out through its personal access. You agree to immediately notify Sever srl any possible misuse of your account and for determining whether to end each session of use of www.sever.it logging out from your profile. Sever srl shall not be liable for any loss or damage caused by failure to comply with these rules. You acknowledge and agree that any information, codes, data, text, images and photographs, and any other content, if publicly exposed or posted are sole responsibility of users.

Sever is not, and never will be responsible for any circumstances, use, correct or incorrect, its services and its structures made by users. This limitation of liability is applied to prevent any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, exemplary and / or punitive damages caused or provoked by the behaviour of users.
This limitation also applies in cases caused by any loss of access, cancellation, rescue failed, backup failed or alteration of its pages to registered users.

All www.sever.it content including text, slogans, pictures, images, logos and trademarks are the exclusive property of Sever. The logos and trademarks of potential partners and / or affiliates belong instead to respective owners and are without prejudice to any copyright.
The intellectual ownership of all of www.sever.it content is to be understood entirely the prerogative of Sever S.r.l .; users who memorize, carry out downloads or bailouts of such content, including text, photos, images, logos and trademarks, they do so at their own risk and assuming full responsibility.
The misuse of the contents on www.sever.it is also prohibited, as well as dissemination or exchange of information unless previously and explicitly authorized by Sever.


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