Sever history began in the 1960s, when the company was born and quickly established itself as an office machine supplier. The growth path undertaken by Sever sees it transform and evolve during the 70s, when the offer ranges from machinery to office furniture and continues to expand. We grow. We innovate. We strive. The range of services becomes "turnkey" in the early 2000s. SEVER is a General Contractor. Our role allows you to refer to a single partner responsible for the entire project management, Customer Care, execution and after sales services. The goal is to offer a coordinated, complete, dynamic, fast, efficient and effective service. A competent, trained and constantly expanding staff makes SEVER capable of satisfying the most committing requests.


Early life

- 1963 established as a private company operating in the office machinery sector.

- 1974 Sever becomes an agent for the influential office furniture brand Castelli.

- 1996 transformed from sole proprietorship to company, becoming SERENE.

- 1998 The strategy changes, two divisions are created: SERENI Machine sand SEVER Furniture.

- 1999 SEVER splits from the machinery division and becomes independent.


- 2002 SEVER becomes General Contractor.

- 2007 TUV Certification and Audi Partner.

- 2008 Mercedes Partner.

– 2011 Partner Gruppo Molteni: Unifor – Citterio – Vitra

–  2012 Partner Volkswagen.

– 2013 Smart and Skoda Partner.

– 2014 AMG and Volvo Partner.

- 2016 Experience Center (ExC) comes to life.

- 2017 Porsche and CIS Corporate Identity Service partner, construction of Volvo Studio.

- 2018 Headquarter renovation.

- 2019 Toilet cells project developed for the Arena Amphitheater in Verona.

Presence on the territory

Philosophy and strategy

Attention to detail, compliance with high quality standards and strict control of timing are the basis of the principles that have allowed SEVER to be considered one of the most qualified partners, by Professionals, Architects and Customers.

The innovative approach doing business, investments in technology and development, cutting-edge solutions, the determination to pursue the set goals, in a demanding market like the Italian one, have allowed SEVER to make a difference.

The evolution and expansion of contract supplies required a change, hence the need to create a new multimedia and interactive presentation format, managed by an intelligent home automation system. 

Thus was born Experience Center (ExC) a new way of presenting projects to our customers in an intuitive way. [...]