Many talk about synergies, Corporate Identity Service create them. We provide global brands central access to all services required for an internationally consistent showing at points-of-sale. Cross-border. We plan and pool expertise to open up opportunities with likeminded organisations. We eliminate interface problems and laborious searches for specialised service providers. All our members benefit from strategic exchange within the network that enable them to tap new business potential. In short, we bring together what belongs together. We are a central HUB for your business. 

We want to redefine the meaning of transnational exchange with innovative approaches that are trusted by the large brands. It’s an ongoing process and we’re getting better and better.

Companies all over the world have developed to brand implementation experts. We link these experts and create a strong international service network – with a professional communication platform of high quality information. We offer you the entire process from A to Z – from planning through brand guidance to implementation.

Every day companies join and expand the range of business and enable our partners to offer further services to their customers. Become a part of our world where small things often make the difference.